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2004 LK Leadership Summit- May 13-14
Lawrence Art Center

Sign up now to attend the first annual Leadership Kansas Leadership Summit. The agenda begins at 1:00PM Thursday, May 13 at the Lawrence Art Center with an afternoon of speakers including Governor Sebelius, Congressman Jerry Moran, Ins Commission Sandy Praegor and other Ks political heavyweights who will bring us up to speed on Kansas issues.

At 5:30-9:00PM the fun begins with a very social Alumni party where we can munch and visit followed by who-knows-what in Lawrence.

Friday, May 14 is the first LK Summit Open (golf) at Alvamar Golf course or a tour of Lawrence landmarks.

A block of rooms are being held at the Holiday Inn and you need to make your own arrangements.

The only class members of LK93 still alive!

Seems just like yesterday we were singing karaoke in Garden City, looking for barf bags on the refueling mission, and collecting old shoes to send to Wichita....ah the good ole days. This year's LK Banquet marked the 10th year anniversary for the LK class of '93. It was sad to note that most of the LK class of 93 is apparently either dead, in nursing homes or had better things to do than to join the hardy crew above for dinner. Also attending but not in the photo was Janet Riley and Teresa Miller.

The Jim Edwards Outstanding LK Alumni award winner this year was Jerry Moran. They also announced the formation of the Gary Sherrer Scholarship fund.

Recent Emails Received:
04.18.04 from Kim
HI Scott;
I was checking out the LK93 web site - it needs some updating.  I can't believe our class mates don't have any news.  I have gotten all the information on the big LK leadership forum.  Unfortunately, distance and schedule prevent me from making it back.  I am proud of my LK experience, so don't forget me.
Things here are quite well.  My $35 million campaign that's scheduled for completion in July 2005 has now broken the $36 million mark and counting.  We're pretty excited, but still motivated to get past $40m.  My parents moved out to Wisconsin from Wyoming last summer, so in addition to my young family, I know have my "old" family too - it's very nice for the girls to be near their grandparents and they make wonderful last-minute sitters.  We love Wisconsin -- if any of you make it out this way, give me a shout.  I'll always have a cold Leinenkugel's in the fridge.

Not so New Email Received
11.12.03 from Lila & Patty
Hi all - thanks for the update Scott - I just wish you would develop a sense of humor...sorry i didn't make it...promise to do better next year - any chance we can do an LK 93 class update for christmas circulation>  Patty

Hello Everyone, Thanks Scott for keeping us linked up -- it is appreciated.  It's nice to hear how everyone is doing -- the good part is we're "still doing"!  And thanks for the pic -- what a motley (eer good looking) crew!  I wish I could have attended but I can blame it all on work.  I had just been to KS two weeks prior for a wedding and it was colder than Michigan. Keep those emails coming....  Bye all. Lila

10.28.03: from Patty Clark:
Hi Scott - yes - ihave returned to the wonderful world of state government...back in the same position i occupied in 97-99 before i headed over to farm bureau...left there in 2002 to help care for my parents in illinois - dad has alhziemers and mom's health was in severe decline as a result of the 24-hour a day care that requires...got them through the transition of dad to a nursing home and mom's health improved so i went back to work...
it has been a period of emotional learning...but am glad i made the decision i did to quit to be able to help mom and dad...i believe i would have always looked back and said "I wish i had" if i hadn't...hope you and your family are well...patty

09.15.03 from Sheryl
Hi, Scott!  Thought I'd better fess up early and let you know I am on the running crew (that also opens the show) for the college "Fantasticks" musical, and opening night is October 24 (LK Graduation).  I was hoping the LK event would be the week before so I could be in Topeka--very disappointed to miss our 10th anniversary and hope our class turns out in good numbers. Also, hate to miss the alumni organization announcements (if any--we are still meeting and working some things out in committee) and seeing  everyone. Bob Moeder and I never did connect up this summer so perhaps the two of you could organize everyone else from our class.  I do enjoy the theatre work since I was unable to participate when working at GCCC, but it is a commitment (leadership skills, huh??!!)and I can't be everywhere.

March '03 from Sheryl Dick:
Scott, Bad news to report. Phil has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's) disease as of last October at KU Med and confirmed at Johns Hopkins in January.  We are devastated, but trying to do all we can right now, and praying for the best.  He has a follow-up at KU Med March 27, and I am armed with lots more information and questions, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, too.  We just now returned from Daytona Bike Week with some friends, so Phil is "making hay while the sun shines" and trying to keep positive.  Thanks--Sheryl

From Karen Rogers: 11-12-02: correct email address on website to ktr@networksplus.net.

From Mark Bannister: 11-12-02: I was excited to get Scott's update.  I finished the Telepower Conference in Garden City that I was partially responsible for at 4:30 p.m. on the night of the banquet and without a plane, I could not get to Topeka in time for dinner.  I did drive by the great motel that Jim put us in and saw the world famous "topless pool."  Being in Garden City caused me to reminisce about our class visit to that fair city.  I particularly remember Linda's 40th birthday and celebrating it by touring IBP.
I want to get back for a banquet again and to see as many of you as possible.

Mark Bannister, Chair, Department of Information Networking and Telecommunications Director, Information Enterprise Institute
103 Heather Hall,  600 Park, Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas 67601-4099, Phone:  785.628.5676
Fax: 785.628.4098, Email:  markbannister@fhsu.edu, Web:  http://www.fhsu.edu/int/

From Lila Bradley: 11-12-02: No, I haven't passed on in Michigan.  Seems I never get much of a chance to respond to anything anymore unless its work stuff ? boring girl I am I am! How was the banquet ? did you go?  I wanted to so bad but I was in Wash DC dodging the sniper.  How many attended? Scott, would you do me a favor?  Do you have the email addresses of the Topeka group from our class?  If so, would you send them.  I will be in KS over Thanksgiving and a friend and I are having a party after work on Monday before Thanksgiving.  I would love to see you if you are traveling through.  I'm going to attach and hope that possibly you have some time. Take care and thanks in advance if you have the email addresses. Lila

Old Email Received: 2001
From Jerry Longergan: note new email address- jlonergan@mindspring.com

From Kim Maxwell: Scott; Thanks for the email - I will NOT be coming - I'm not in Wisconsin - I guess I'm getting closer back to KS, but still a ways away. I'll be in Dallas that day and then returning to move into a house we just purchased. I made a job change in July -- same type of thing -- begging for money. I'm not at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. bigger place, great community. They have never done a campaign and I seem to have become the campaign gun for hire. I get to go in, clean things up and get a campaign up and running. However, this time, we really want to stay here long term, so I hope it will be a good things for us. Please make note that my email is now waykk@uwec.edu. my title is executive director of development - UW - Eau Claire. Address is actually in the LK directory. Let me hear how the meeting went. Sorry I won't be there. Give my best to everyone. LK was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Cheers. Kim Maxwell Way

From Sharon Benson: I can always count on hearing from you this time of year. It would be good to see you, and see how the kids are growing. Mine is KU bound next year, and is such a young man, that I'm hardly ever needed anymore - good, but sad. Work is always challenging - our old bosses are retiring, and while I wont' shoot for the top spot - (too much politics and money to be any fun) I've ended up with a good deal of new responsibility. I'm afraid that I'll have to decline the kind invitation - I'm mired in over 50 costumes for a production of A Christmas Carol, that are all being sewn from scratch - you should bring your kids over - it will be quite a show - and I'm in it! Hope this finds you both well and happy. Send a photo along sometime, so I can see how you're changing. Warm regards, always, Sharon

From Janet Riley: I knew I would be hearing from you; I won't be there except in spirit cause I will be in London Oct 25-31. Say hi to everyone for me and send us a follow up message on how everyone is doing. Thanks, bus buddy.

From Lori Callahan: Hi gang! Love to be there, but will miss it this year. We will be in Kansas for Christmas, though, and looking forward to it. We were at my sister's house in Wichita in May for a whirlwind trip which also took us to D.C., New York, L.A. and even Topeka (but literally only for three hours!) over a two week time period. I have a new position in Sydney. I started with the law firm of Phillips Fox two months ago. They have 1400 lawyers and staff across Australia, New Zealand and Asia-a much larger entity than I have ever worked with before. I am heading up a new division to handle their insurance defense fixed-fee matters-an interesting combination of legal practice and management-much like KaMMCO was for me. I was admitted to practice law in Australia just this last Friday. A fun experience to be sworn in by the Chief Justice in his red robe and big wig (ahhhh, so that is where that phrase comes from). We are heading into spring and summer here and it is gorgeous. We have big plans for Thanksgiving-a party on Friday night (can't do it on Thursday, because these Aussies don't understand that day is a holiday!) and a dinner on Saturday. Friday is mostly Australians who we are making dress either as Pilgrims or Native Americans. Saturday night is lots of ex-pat Americans who all get a little homesick at this time of year. I will be thinking of all of you on October 26. Have a great time and remember, anyone heading to Australia from Kansas is required to check in with me first!!

From Kevin Mitchelson: Hi Scott - thanks for keeping in touch. I was hoping to attend the banquet this year, but as of Friday, I have to be in Phoenix that morning. Unless my meeting finishes early and I can get an earlier flight, I won't be able to attend. maybe next year. tell all the gang hello. thanks. KFM

From Bob Moeder: I would have liked to come this year. However, we have a wedding in Los Angles, Ca that weekend! Give everyone my regards!

From Patty Clark: Hi everyone - unfortunately - football game takes precedent over the banquet - this is my youngest son's senior year - so next year - look out - I'll be back amongst you!!!!!! Fair warning to all...have missed seeing everyone - but you know how it is with kids and sports....still living bi-coastal lifestyle...in Manhattan at Kansas Farm Bureau during the week and home to the farm on the weekends...it is making me old!!!!! let me know how all of you are doing! Patty

From Lila Bradley: I can't believe I cannot make it again this year! As with everyone, it's always the demands of work. It would have been perfect ? KU-K-State game weekend; a great weekend! We recently moved our corporate office to Farmington Hills, a NW suburb of Detroit. I love it tho I've not had time to take advantage of what it has to offer. My legs (or other parts) probably won't be working by the time I have the time (sound familar?). If anyone wants to just pick up the phone & call at any time, call me at work at 1.800.476.1441, ext. 6205, and we can chat. It was great hearing about your life Lori....how exciting! A trip to your land is on my travel list. I spent 10 days at the Cinque Terra in Italy in July on a hiking trip....more like mountain climbing.... but oh so beautiful (I knew I wasnt in shape, but I didnt know just how out of shape I was!). Is the judge doing OK down there in Independence? Scott, thanks for being the glue that binds all of us. What's new in your life & your family's? Didnt we have a web page for our class? Pardon me, but could you let me know what that is...one more time? Have a great time at the banquet & I will be thinking of you. If any of you are ever in the Detroit area, please call, either at work or at home (248.324.4481). would love to hear from or see all of you. Happy winter.... Lila

From Mark Bannister:  I would love to catch up with LK '93 -- the best class ever! Unfortunately, October is an extremely busy time of year for me to get toTopeka.I wish everyone the best!

Emails received in 2000 including great emails for Lori at the Olympics:

10-23-00: From Janet Riley: Sorry I couldn't come.  I had to attend a Phi Beta Kappa Triennial Convention during that time.  Next year hopefully. Isn't that unbelieveable that we won two football games in a row--might save the coaches job.  I, of course, as you well remember am a big basketball fan so I eagerly await that season.  It has been a hard year for me.  My mom died in December right before Christmas, my boyfriend died in March, we had to put my dad in a nursing home in August and one of my very best girl
friends here in Lawrence had a brain aneurysm and died in  October.  It has been hard to keep on a even keel these days.JR

10-22-00: From Lori Callahan: Scott-Thank you for doing the grunt work to keep us all connected.  I really appreciate it!!!!
My new e-mail address for the web-site is: taylord@intercoast.com.au. Also, I kept my maiden name of Callahan and didn't take David's name so it is still just Callahan.  The plan is to come back to the U.S. twice each year, so we will definitely try to get there for the banquet in the next few years.  Hope all is well with you. -Lori

10-19-00: From Mark Bannister: Scott; I have a family commitment that I need to keep.  I am sorry that I cannot attend this year. We had a great session of Leadership Kansas here in September which I was pleased to help with.  Rose Mary and I are serving on the Governor's Task Force on Work Force Development together and have shared several LK' 93 memories. Mark

10-19-00: From Theresa Miller: I'm responding but can't attend....I supervise all of our home football games and the LK night is one of those.  Take pictures for me. TM

10-19-00: From Lila Bradley: I'd love to make it but I'll be in Hilton Head Island playing golf ? next year I promise!!  Tell everyone hello.  Thanks for keeping the correspondence going.

09-29-00: From Lori Callahan-Taylor:(LCT) (see first letter of  09-14-00 and read up!) Good morning-as all of you in North America are enjoying Friday night, those of us down here are up and at em and doing the Saturday morning laundry-you North American bums, you.  Alistair, it is the middle of Friday night for you in London, so I will type quietly so as not to awaken you.Well, my goodness, we have been chastised for not doing more regular updates this week.  My, oh, my, you can all be so demanding.  For those who keep thinking, thank heavens I have received as many of their irritating emails this week, know that the time is drawing nigh and you can soon return to a life of spam emails from advertisers rather than friends.Ok, the latest.  Basketball - oh, it would have been sooooo good, almost had both men's and women's finals between Australia and the U.S. The Australian men lost last night to France, so the dream team will face France in the finals.  BUT, the women play tonight.  Divided loyalties on this one, my new country where the women athletes are doing SOOOO well in this Olympics or the American women who can use this win as an opportunity to further enhance the commercial appeal of women's basketball in the U.S.  Surely we wouldn't be so disloyal as to just support the winner?  Stand by for the result, I am sure we will have full justification after the game for who we supported. This will be an incredible weekend--people of all ages, sand, surf, a touch of spirit, new friends as well as old, and memories that will linger forever.  Oh, you thought I was talking about today-which is the biggest day yet at the games with more gold medal opportunities than any other day-and tomorrow with the closing ceremony?  Wrong!  In New South Wales it is Labor Day weekend.  We are leaving this morning to drive about 5 hours north to a beautiful little seaside town called South West Rocks where we will meet up with David's daughter, Kirstin, her husband Glen and their baby Emily and Glen's family for Emily's christening!  We picked up David's Mum, Millie, yesterday at the airport who flew in from Melbourne.  This morning the three of us will head out to see our favorite granddaughter (ok, so David only has one, but she is really smart and cute and beautiful and well, you get the picture).  We will see the Closing Ceremony there.  Glen is an F111 pilot.  Part of the closing ceremony is an F111 plane doing a fuel dump over the Olympic torch as it is extinguished giving the impression the jet has taken the flame.  It will then fly down the Harbour theoretically lighting 24 barges of fireworks as it takes off across the Pacific to return the flame to Greece.  Cool, don't you think?  We know Glen will not be in the plane since the Dad MUST be at the christening, but one of his friends will be doing it-so its kind of like we now all know the pilot-hmmm, I notice knowing the pilot though does not get us tickets to the Closing which are right now running about $1500 a piece.  We will write for the last time when we get back and will then begin responding to all of your emails, which we LOVE receiving.  In the meantime though, one personal response for you all to be in on.  Mary Hoover-the cookies your mother's friend fell in love with here and brought back to your mother are Tim Tams - as much a national food as Vegemite-we have them loaded in the car for the trip this morning, because you simply cannot travel without those chocolate covered shortbread biscuits filled with chocolate cream.  They are incredible and since I still can't figure out the calorie and fat gram labels here, I am sure they are probably low-fat and good for us! Love to all, have a good weekend! (or - as they say here "aveagoodweekend" )
-Lori and David

09-28-00: From LCT: Hi guys.All of our friends and work colleagues have decided we are all now suffering from "too-much- olympics-itis", the greatest symptom is that we are all pooped (for those who don't speak Kansan that means really tired), but the side effect is we all refuse to stop. David and I promise to start on broccoli and carrots again next week, but just one more serving of chips (those are fries, not potato chips), Magnum Classics (the BEST ice cream on a stick) and, of course, a diet Coke to make it all okay.  A few really important things to catch up on.  Monday night Cathy Freeman's race.  Hmmmm.  What to say.  All the best exclamations have been taken, so instead we'll do the "where were you when you saw her run?" reminiscing.  Here is the scene... The Olympics are an opportunity for Australia to highlight all of its best features, which includes the arts.  In conjunction with the other activities taking place all over the city, there is also an Olympic Arts Program.  Like other events, it is taking place throughout the city.  We love the arts, but get a chance to partake the rest of the year, so we had resisted the temptation and chosen to attend the games themselves.  But when we saw that the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra was debuting a new piece called Simphonia Antarctica while showing photographs on a large screen of Shackleton's voyage with live narration by Sir Edmund Hillary at the best arts venue in the city-the Opera House-we had to go.  Now, those of you who might be tracking the Olympics in real time can begin to see the dilemma.  The symphony started at 8:30.  Cathy Freeman was to run at 8:10.  What to do?  Could we trust that the Opera House would have a tv????  Too tough to chance.  Luckily located around the walk from the Opera House where the ferries come in at Circular Quay was one of the 6 large screens around the city showing the Olympics coverage from 8 am to midnight.  We gave up dinner at one of the great new restaurants at the Quay and camped out with that Aussie classic, the meat pie, on the pavement with the thousands of others who had come to cheer or cry together, depending upon the outcome.  Now, I am assuming all the Americans get the significance of Cathy's run.  She is lovely, kind, articulate, a beautiful runner and Aboriginal at a time when recognition of issues effecting the Aborigines is at the forefront of national debate.  The weight of it all not lost on such a bright athlete.  At 8:09, a crashing cheer from the crowds throughout the city as Cathy is introduced along with the other runners.  At 8:10, thousands sat/stood/stared absolutely silent.  The crack of the gun and they were off.  Cathy does not pull out at the beginning, she is steady and always excels at the end.  And so it was.  In the last 100 meters a pack of three became Cathy striding, easily, gracefully well ahead of the others.  There was silence no more.  At 8:10:49.11 it was over and the whole of a country sighed relief-"their" Cathy had done it and life could go on. At 8:11, the noise of the crowd was deafening.SO, at 8:12, David and I sprinted from Circular Quay to the Opera House clocking a pretty good time, I might say.  And when we finally caught our breath after the first piece, an incredible percussion work, and stood on the Opera House balcony overlooking the Harbour and the Bridge with its 5 massive illuminated Olympic rings, we toasted to a job well done by "our Cathy", because like everyone here, we claim her too.Last night saw the last of our Olympic events live.  We attended the women's field hockey where the Australians are already set to go into the finals.  We watched New Zealand versus Argentina and Australia versus China.  An experience for an American since field hockey is something we played in gym at about the same time we were learning native folk dancing.  Luckily David played until his 30's, so he explained the nuances of penalty corners and tackling-which does not involve anyone wrestling anyone else to the ground.  Not nearly as funny lingo though as cricket with its silly mid ons and square legs-which does not describe the physique of the players.Must go now as we are now due-at my insistence-to replay the video of Marion Jones' fabulous run tonight in the 200 meters. Look for the woman who comes 6th, she is a Manly local and rides on the ferry, so I think that makes us kind of famous.Bye for now-we promise to keep taking our vitamins!
Love, Lori and David

09-23-00: From LCT: Too much happening and too little sleep for a full update but, a few quickies of VITAL importance... 1.  Leeper leaps tonight. This is the Kansan from Protection, Kansas (remember Protection is a town, not a penal institution).  We saw him qualify Friday night.  It was very exciting!  We had our large Kansas flag and made everyone around us cheer for him.  Kirstin commented that  everyone would probably wonder what country's flag we were waving!  He is in the finals tonight and we will be there. 2.  Freeman's effortless run Cathy Freeman didn't even look tired when we saw her cream the rest of the pack in her heat for the 400 meters Friday night.   She won again last night.  And we see her in the semi-finals tonight when we are in the stadium again.
3. Americans on top of 100 We got to see Maurice Green and Merion Jones' qualifying heats Friday night.  The crowd went wild for both.  Last night when Maurice won he threw one shoe into the audience.  Today's paper reports a young Australian caught it-it is covered in red and white stars and has 24 gold carat tipped spikes-wow, now we know why they all take them off as soon as the race is done. 4.Shuttlecocks not just on the lawn in K.C. For you non-Kansans, a quick art lesson.  On the lawn at the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City is a fabulous work of art called Shuttlecocks by Claes Oldenburg and Cossie van Bruggen.  Go to Nelson- Atkins.org are to see a picture of them.  Well, yesterday we saw the real things in action.  We wanted to attend an Olympic event that we would not normally get to know about. So we picked badminton-not alot of American or Australian tv coverage of badminton.  Well, it was cool-actually, that is incorrect, it was hot and stuffy.  In order to assure there is no wind, there is no air conditioning in the badminton pavilion.  We saw the competition for the bronze-including seeing the world record holder from Denmark get beat.  China won both the women's doubles and men's singles.  We cheered for China over Korea because we prefer chinese food-like picking the horses with the cute names and wine with the pretty label.  Denmark versus China was harder.  David picked Denmark because he thinks Aquavit is an interesting national drink, I picked China for consistency.5.  Australians duke it out for gold
As soon as the badminton was done, we joined the hordes of people at Olympic park gathered around every large and small             screen to watch Kieren Perkins try for his third Olympic gold medal in the men's 1500 freestyle.  His biggest challanger was Grant     Hackett, another Australian-both good guys, well liked.  Grant won the gold and Kieren won the silver. Johnson from America got   the bronze and obviously loved being swept up in the huge media coverage due to the race between Kieren and Grant. 6 Did I say not long Oops, must go, just enough time to pack the flags, the water and catch the ferry to catch the train.  We have found a short cut to  Olympic Park.  We take a different train from the rest of the crowd, get dropped a mile from the stadium and walk through the park  which was created as a result of the clean up which occurred to turn Homebush into a large athletic site from a toxic brickyard.  All a part of making this the "green games".  The park is lovely and a much nicer approach than the packed trains.
More later.Love, Lori and David

09-21-00: From Lori Callahan-Taylor: Hi guys!  Tomorrow we settle down and start to attend events for which we actually bought tickets.  The triatholons were great, but it will be nice to have seats.  Now does anyone know where row 625 is?!!! We are attending Athletics at Homebush tomorrow.  Homebush is the main Olympic venue. The games take place throughout Sydney-Beach volleyball at Bondi Beach; Judo, Boxing and Weight-lifting at Darling Harbour; Cycling at Bankstown; Rowing at Penrith.  Over the past few months we have been to several events at Homebush including the Bledesoe Cup where Australia beat New Zealand in Rugby (sorry Katrina!).  We have also been lucky to tour Homebush with David's daughter, Kirstin, her husband Glen and baby Emily walking throughout the site.  When Marcie Glassman and Larry Guth visited last month, we took the tour inside the Athletic stadium.  Now we will be there for The Real Thing! Tomorrow will be the biggest day at Homebush.  400,000 people are expected.  Swimming continues and Athletics begin.  David's sister Mary and daughter Sarah will be there for the Swimming events at 10 am.  They have been told to leave the city by 5 am in order to beat the crowd.  We had dinner with them tonight and they have opted to chance the crowd and see the sunrise over Coogee Beach where they are staying-hmmm, surely not an excuse for just a few more minutes of sleep?  We will catch the train in the city at noon for our 6pm tickets.  The train is the primary transport to Homebush.  Each train carries 1500 people.  With 12 trains running every hour every train from 6am onward is expected to be full.Here are the people we will be watching for tomorrow: Nathan Leeper from Protection, Kansas.  A K-Stater who won the NCAA final a couple of years ago.  You will all be able to remember his name because Nathan Leeper competes in the High Jump.  I will wear my "Leep Hi" t shirt sent courtesy of Sally Shattuck (aka "One of the Sallys")  Thank you Sally! Also, thanks to a great history lesson many years ago from Justice Herd I was able to tell David the history of Protection, Coldwater and Buttermilk, Kansas-all towns in Comanche County from whenst Nathan hails. That was in response to David who thought if someone came from"Protection, Kansas" as I kept saying, that meant they were from some penal institution.  David thought it was nice that we allowed this talented jail bird to compete. Other Kansans are also competing in Athletics.  Maurice Green in the 100 meters and Melvin Lester in the long jump.  Kevin Davis' son runs track at K-State and knows all of these athletes.  Thanks for the tips Kevin! Look for us in the crowd, we are taking our big Kansas flag. One last bit mostly for Cathy Reeder.  All over the city countries have hospitality centers for their athletes and tourists, but the public is invited to them all.  Yesterday we went to Holland House for lunch, the hospitality center for the Dutch.  This is supposed to be "the hot spot" for partying at night.  We did not see their swimmer Vanderwhozeewhits, BUT we did have the best herring ever!  It was on a hot dog bun-a whole fish-but with its tail-slightly Monty Pythonish, but really yummy-except for the tail, which might have been, but we do have to draw the line somewhere in the weird food category.Hoping we make it home on the train to write again...Love,Lori and David

09-14-00: From Lori Callahan-Taylor: Hi!  Quick update for all of you for whom I have been out of touch the last several months. I moved to Australia in the nick of time for New Years Eve.  Took a job as Manager of Legal Services for the Sydney based Australian law firm, Tress Cocks & Maddox.  David and I were married on May 28 at my sister's house in Wichita.  David's Mum, Millie went with us to Kansas and was able to meet my family.  The trip was too short as we were unable to see many friends-next time.  I love my job at the firm and am enjoying practicing law in Australia.  David is at the Sydney office of  Arthur J. Gallagher, an international insurance broking firm based in Chicago.  We live in Manly, 5 minutes from the ocean and 5 minutes form the ferry which takes us into the city each day. I love my new family and friends in Australia, but do miss my American friends.  So, join the steady stream of visitors to the Callahan -Taylor home.  We are currently specialising in itineraries for Kansans.  David hopes we will be able to expand our capability and break into tours for Nebraskans, but I think that seems a bit too challanging. NOW, the real reason for this email - It is the Olympics (in case those of you in Sydney had not noticed) and we thought you should hear first hand of the festivities. Yesterday the two week party began as the torch entered the city for the first time.  We started the day early cruising the area around the Opera House in search of Katie Couric-finally found the crew from NBC who told us she was at Bondi Beach-oh well, it was a gorgeous dawn on the harbour.  At 4:00, a crowd of half a million poured out of their offices (yes, us included) to close down shop and watch people like Olivia Newton-John (can you believe it, Olivia, and she looked really cool-but no Grease Lightning outfit) and Pat Rafter run with the torch past the Opera House and across the harbour foreshore.  The Olympic rings on the bridge were lit with a firework accompanment as ferry service stopped and the city was ablaze.  Then the party began.  There was a lazer light show from the top of 10 buildings in the city center and music in 6 sites around the city until late in the night.  We gave up fairly early because today is the BIG day. We started this morning with pictures of Greg Norman carrying the torch over the Harbour Bridge literally as the sun rose on the biggest party ever to be thrown in Sydney.  Today offices will close at 3 and again city workers, visiting Australians and the rest of the world will party with the Opening Ceremony starting at 7.  100,000 people will see it live.   Hmmmm, our tickets must have been lost, we will view it from Darling Harbour on one of 6 large screens stationed around the city center.  Now we are verrrrry late for work-it is 8:30 am Friday September 15 here-at home in Kansas, it is 4:30 pm Thursday.  We will try to stay awake and keep the updates coming. Love from Sydney, Lori and David

Last Year's emails:
11-09-99: From Janet Riley: Just wanted to let you know what I wasn't around for LK banquet. My mother is dying--she is at home which is in Fort Worth with Hospice care and has only 3-12 weeks left so I have been going back and forth to help in her care so she can be at home for this last period in her life. It has been an awful experience--she now has the same cancer my husband died from--multiple myeloma--which is very painful. Anyway, I hope to be there next year. Thanks for sharing all the news.

11-08-99: From Patty Clark: Scott - so good to hear from you - in my move from Commerce a number of communications were misplaced...so thank you for updating me...sorry I didn't make it to the dinner/reunion...we actually played on Thursday night that week...but given the fact that I am in Manhattan all week - I really try to reserve weekends for the family.,..hope you and Alice and all are in good health and enjoying life...new job has its own set of challenges...and hopefully after our annual meeting in two weeks I can get over to Junction for lunch...talk with you soon! Note new email address: paclark@kfbs.com- Patty

11-06-99: From Ron Thornburgh: Scott, Sorry I was unable to be at the banquet, but Annette seemed to think I should be at home. I didn't even know we had a web page - thanks for the info. Hope all is well with you and the family, see you next time I'm in Junction City.

11-03-99: From the famous Russ Canaday: Thanks, Scott, for the info. We appreciate it more than we express. Keep doing it. Russ

11-03-99: From Thersa Miller: It was good to hear from you and an update of what happened at the banquet. I've changed positions to Assistant Principal at Manhattan High School, same email, work phone is now 587 2100.

11-02-99: From Mark Bannister:  Shoot... I even changed my email address and you still found me! Well Scott, after last year's marathon presentation, I did lack some enthusiasm for attending this year. I have changed jobs too and that is one reason that I am hugging the home front. I am still at Fort Hays State University, but have become the Chair of the Department of Information Networking and Telecommunications and the Director of the Information Enterprise Institute. In the interim while I have waited for a replacement to be hired in the FHSU President's Office, I have logged about 70 hours per week since August. In the few spare moments, I am at home with Shala and the kids. This should let up about mid-November.With the opening of the new Sternberg Museum as a draw, I would be pleased to host a get together in Hays in late spring or early summer for our class. It is hard to believe that we finished six years ago! What a memorable experience and great people! Thanks for keeping in touch and let me know if there is interest. If so, I will host a reunion.

11-02-99: From Sheryl Dick: Scott, something you might also put out there for our class to consider. I am on the Friends of Cedar Crest Board with Linda, and she has done a terrific job on the capital campaign for the renovation of Cedar Crest. To date, $1.95M towards the $2M goal! Cedar Crest is currently in a barebones state with a completion date set for April, 2000. Since Linda is a 93 LK classmate, I'm sure she'd appreciate all of us considering a gift to the renovation campaign in the next few weeks as we all think about worthwhile, year-end, tax-deductible gifting. What do you think? If anyone is interested they can send their checks made out to Friends of Cedar Crest Association, and mail it to Office of the First Lady, Linda K. Graves, One Southwest Cedar Crest Road, Topeka, KS 66606. I know she would very much appreciate the support of LK 93! Thanks again! SherylThanks again. Sheryl

11-02-99: LK93, Just wanted to update you a few things: LK Banquet was last Friday night and our class is well represented by all 3 of us in attendence! (Where was everyone?). Jeff, Sheryl and I tried to represent the class but we were a little shorthanded. I blame this actually on LK98 class who's long, boring presentation last year would keep anyone from repeating. This year's class did a nice job and it's always great to hear Gary Sherrer talk and Jim Edwards get roasted again. (It's all out of love Jim!) A couple of class notes: I guess Lori Callahan has taken a new position in Australia. Jeff knows more about this than I do so if you want the details you can email him. Ron & Annette Thornburgh had son #2 this past week. Tanner is his name. Congrats to the Thornburgh's. We figured that with Tanner and Annette coming home last Thursday that there was a really good chance Ron wouldn't be attending the dinner. Jeff said he got a email note from Lila and Kim. Thought Lila might actually make the banquet so we kept a chair open for her. Kim said everything with her is fine. I think everyone knows that Patti Clark left the Commerce Department and is doing legislative work for Farm Bureau now. That's fairly old news. Wanted to remind everyone there old info and the email addresses I have on our website: http://www.jc.net/~stuckey/lk93.htm. If anyone wants to to update me on anything, just email me. Scott

Current email addresses of classmates on file:

Class Notes: What's going on with our class members

As you can tell, I am really in need of updates from everyone. Please send me something!

Tony Augusto:

Cynthia Ball:

Mark Bannister:

John Bartels:

Sharon Benson:

Lila Bradley:

Ron Brunton:

Lori Callahan: moved to Australia

Russ Canaday:

Jeff Chanay:

Patti Clark:

Sheryl Dick: J

Bill Dunn:

Joe Engleken:

Linda Graves:

Cliff Haltom:

Cynthia Hostetler:

Chuck Jehle:

Carrie Jones:

Rosemary Kirby:

Jerry Lonergan:

Kim Maxwell:

Theresa Miller: Took a new job as Principal at Manhattan High. Is that a promotion?

Kevin Mitchelson:

Bob Moeder:

Bob Niedenthel:

Dan Phelan:

Janet Riley:

Karen Rogers: .

Donna Salzwedel:

Larry Shotts:

Scott Stuckey:

Rosalie Summers:

Ron Thornburgh: Boy #2, Tanner arrived in October! 3 more and he will have new bball team for Washburn's future!

Barbara Vernon:

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